9-29-19 Parts V-VII – IN THE NOW with Jim Swilley

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9-29-19 – IN THE NOW with Jim Swilley and Guest Kio Zak, Parts V-VII

Today’s Slides:
Slide 1: 1 John 2:7-8. Friends, this phenomenon is nothing new. In fact, even the ancients discovered this solution of synergy between mind and matter, how the mind materializes matter. This is eternal wisdom, which predates time. That is why it resonates with our eternal being, and we perceive it as new information. Upon receiving this information, you sensed immediately an internal, seismic shift of epic proportions as a result of enlightenment and exposure to things you were once ignorant and oblivious.
–John: Relativity Speaking

Slide 2: 1 John 4:8. For generations we lived under the guise of a doctrine that instructed its constituents to fear the God of our ancestors, as if to anticipate reprisal for not adhering to the codex developed from the annals of our ancestral history. But this fear produces a constant stress in our minds, a negative emotional contagion resulting in maladies in our bodies. Perceiving the Universe in the light of love removes the lens of fear. Anyone that continues to live in fear of reprisal from the God of our ancestors has yet to tap into this source of eternal love.
–John: Relativity Speaking

Slide 3: “You need abundant serotonin to meditate, to make love, and to forgive yourself and others. Attending to the health of your gut-brain, where your serotonin is manufactured, will help you attain this.
“You need serotonin to stay in love…”
–Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Grow a New Body, 2019

Slide 4: Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)
1. Gluten (Zonulin)
2. NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) –PPI (proton pump inhibitors)
3. Stress (gastrointestinal disorders)
–Too much stress can alter the composition of your gut’s bacteria (dysbiosis or imbalanced microbiome)
4. Candida albicans
What about Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI)?

Slide 5: –meme– Always, always trust your gut. If you feel something is wrong, That’s because it usually is.

Slide 6: “Plants provide vital intelligence to the body beyond ensuring a balanced diet.”
–Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Grow a New Body, 2019

Slide 7a: This is my first discussion post, so if I don’t meet requirements, please let me know. For me, this is a very personal question. Approximately four years ago now I was diagnosed with severe B cell rheumatoid arthritis. I was crippled in a wheelchair or walker for six months. Nothing was truly working, prednisone, pain medications, immunotherapy, or chemotherapy. Rituxin and Methotrexate helped me to walk again but didn’t relieve the pain and I hated the side effects that came with them. A friend of mine told me to use Frankincense oil on the roof of my mouth which helped with some of the inflammation. My step daughter is a nutrition major and since I was a nurse interested in nutrition she bought me the book
Slide 7b: “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” (by P. Balch) way before I had signed up for this course. I also had been a Gastroenterology nurse for many years so had read a lot about leaky gut. I started to watch my processed foods, decrease sugar and gluten, eat organic as much as possible and all the flares started to go away. Proper amino acids, vitamins and especially minerals are necessary to build a strong body. Also to remove the toxins. By February 2018 I was flare free. With the approval of my primary physician in July 2018 I went off all the medications. To date I have had no flares. My rheumatologist is not pleased and tells me I am going to be crippled and come crawling back to him but I feel great. I use this example when teaching others all the time. The only major supplement I take along with the clean eating is Sulfurzyme which is a MSM product or organic sulfur.

Slide 8: Super foods
Quercitin (apples, green tea, kale, onion, and capers); increased content of antioxidants; stabilizes and seals the gut lining to prevent intestinal permeability.
L-Glutamine (amino acid) restores the integrity of the stomach lining cells; deficiency in L-Glutamine could result in deterioration of intestinal tissue. Nearly one-third of L-Glutamine is used in the intestinal tract; potential cause for intestinal permeability. Foods rich in L-Glutamine are spinach (dark leafy greens), fish, beets, peas.