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7-14-19 – MEDITATION AND THE MIND OF CHRIST: Healing the Subconscious and Living as Spirits in the Material World, Part II

Today’s Notes:
I – “The lamp of the Eternal illuminates the human spirit searching our most intimate thoughts.”
(Proverbs 20:27 – The Voice)

II – “The spirit of man [that factor in human personality which proceeds immediately from God] is the lamp of the Lord, searching all his innermost parts.”
(Proverbs 20:27 – AMPC)

III – “A lamp of Yahweh is the life breath of mankind, Searching all the chambers of the inner being.”
(Proverbs 20:27 – CLV)

IV – “As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”
― Joseph Murphy

V – “But still, You long to enthrone truth throughout my being; in unseen places deep within me, You show me wisdom.”
(Psalms 51:6 – The Voice)

VI – “The relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind follows the principle of mental gender. Understanding the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is the whole secret to understanding the relationship between male and female. The reverse is also true.
The conscious mind is the male, the leader and the subconscious mind is the female, the follower. The subconscious mind is a helper of the conscious mind. The more the workings of the conscious and subconscious minds are integrated, in sync, and in harmony, the more perfect the entire mind functions as a whole. The more creative and productive it becomes. The less harmony there is between the two, the more destructive it becomes, and the more it collapses and ceases to function properly.
It is not really your conscious thoughts that create your reality, but it is your subconscious beliefs. It is the subconscious mind, the feminine aspect of mind that is the creative faculty. Have you seen a man give birth? No. It’s only the woman that bears children. The conscious mind, the masculine aspect of mind conditions a thought into the subconscious mind in order to create a belief that manifests into reality. Like a seed that is impregnated into the womb, it is nurtured within and born as a child.” ― Noctis Enoch

VII – “In the solitude of meditation, when your conscious mind becomes quiet, your subconscious reveals herself.” ― Nityananda Das