9-30-18 METRON – Part IV – CHOOSE LIFE!

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METRON 9-30-18 –CHOOSE LIFE!: Creating a Better Reality by Taking Full Ownership of Your Current One, Part IV

Today’s Notes:

I – “I call Heaven and Earth to witness against you today: I place before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose life so that you and your children will live.”
(Deuteronomy 30:19 – The Message)

II – “How can you just leave me standing
Alone in a world so cold?
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold
Maybe you’re just like my mother
She’s never satisfied
Why do we scream at each other?
This is what it sounds like when doves cry”
– Prince

III – “Do you need to ask, ‘So why does the child not share the guilt of the parent?’ Isn’t it plain? It’s because the child did what is fair and right. Since the child was careful to do what is lawful and right, the child will live truly and well. The soul that sins is the soul that dies. The child does not share the guilt of the parent, nor the parent the guilt of the child. If you live upright and well, you get the credit; if you live a wicked life, you’re guilty as charged.”
(Ezekiel 18:19, 20 The Message)

IV – “Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6 – AMPC)

V – “Your mind is like a parachute: it only works if it’s open. We all know what could happen if a parachute didn’t open: bad things. The same would happen with our brains. A closed mind means that our brains can’t function to their full capacity. The ’Theory of Two Mindsets’ coined by psychologist Carol Dweck proposes that people either have growth mindsets or fixed mindsets. The idea is that those who lead their life based on wanting to grow and learn are on the path to success, while those who feel they’ve already reached their peak will not. If we can train our brains to learn from others, face challenges with positivity and appreciate effort, then we will trick our bodies into reaching our full potential.”
― Maggie Lasto

VI – “Thinking the same thoughts leads us to make the same choices. Making the same choices leads to demonstrating the same behaviors. Demonstrating the same behaviors leads us to create the same experiences. Creating the same experiences leads us to produce the same emotions. And those same emotions then drive the same thoughts.” ― Joe Dispenza

VII – “You will always manifest what you think and believe, but that may or may not be what you actually want. If you are unhappy with your manifested reality, identify the sources in your consciousness and make adjustments to those thoughts and/or beliefs.” ― Russell Anthony Gibbs