METRON 9-16-18 – Live Recording ‘IN THE NOW with Jim Swilley’

METRON 9-16-18 – Live Recording ‘IN THE NOW with Jim Swilley’

Bishop Jim’s insightful messages help others find THEIR METRON through M~otivation E~nlightenment T~ranscendence R~enewal O~utreach and N~etworking

METRON 9-16-18 – Live Recording ‘IN THE NOW with Jim Swilley’ and Guest Zach Keough – HEALING AND RESTORATION FROM WITHIN, parts I-III

Today’s Notes:

1John 1:1 That primordial phenomenon, which we perceived and realized with our faculties – the enigma that we now profess to understand derives from an intangible source, a frequency used to create a nurturing, life-giving, and harmonious environment.

1John1:2 This frequency brings about awareness; we perceive its life-altering abilities and now we attempt to disclose the logistics of these energetic signatures through mindfulness, which resides in a nonlocal resource, yet it remains immediately available to us.

1John1:3 We share with you our personal, firsthand experience based on acoustic and visual evidence, hoping that our experience piques your interest enough to engage in further dialogue and inquiry into this phenomenon. The fellowship between us is divinely inspiring and evokes a spirit reminiscent of Jesus the Christ.

1John1:4 We compose this small piece of literature, not in prose form, but so that it appeals to your intellect, inspires, and forms an energetic template with the intent to produce healing and restoration from within.

1John1:5 This is the message we received, and now relay to you, when we elevated our consciousness: goodness is ubiquitous; every thought is exposed as an illusion connected with the past and future, derailing our ability to attain a coherent mind and body.

1John1:6 Should we profess to engaging regularly a mindfulness approach to life yet permit these damning illusions of our past and future to dictate our thinking patterns, we deceive ourselves and are unable to experience an altruistic approach to life.

1John1:7 But, should we continue our pursuit in attaining a coherent mind and body, a consistent form of enlightenment, we engage delightfully and gleefully in each other’s conversation about our experiences in oneness. In this manner, Jesus’s courageous act is not in vain, because His words resonate with us even unto this day, dispelling any and all misperceptions we conceived of ourselves and of others.

Translation by Zach Keough

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