METRON 9-17-17 – Part III – LETTING GO


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METRON 9-17-17 – LETTING GO: Finding Harmony in Your Life by Addressing Your Unfinished Business – Part III

Today’s Notes:

I – “If we examine ourselves carefully we shall see most of us have an enormous amount of unfinished business…We have to be free so that we can just step across the line and that’s it. That is what real freedom is.” – Thomas Merton

II – “When painful experiences have been suppressed rather than expressed, then the energy from these experiences is stored in mind and body. When feelings are not resolved, they are only hidden from our conscious awareness. When we suppress feelings, we are rejecting negative emotional experiences from our awareness. When we do this over and over again, this leads to an accumulation of emotional energy that we are not even aware of. Let’s take anger for example. When we suppress anger, during suppression, the force of the anger that was originally felt is still present; it is just below our conscious awareness. When this happens, it leads to negative attitudes and behaviors that can erupt with even more force than the original anger because we are stuck in a holding pattern that becomes a habit. This layers upon itself like the layers of an onion. When the suppression of feelings is below our conscious awareness, it feels like we are being controlled by hidden forces. We are attracted to the wrong people, reject those that are healthy for us, we become addicted to drugs to numb ourselves because we have this accumulation of energy that has been suppressed. This energy eventually has to come out. It needs to be released in order for us to be healthy.”
– Jeannie A Smith, NCTMB

III – “Who can detect inadvertent errors? From those concealed to me, hold me innocent.” Moreover, keep back Your servant from arrogancies; Let them not rule over me. Then I shall be flawless, And I will be innocent of great transgression.” May the sayings of my mouth be acceptable And the soliloquy of my heart be pleasing before You, O Yahweh, my Rock and my Redeemer!”
(Psalms 19:12 – 14 – CLV)

IV – “Errors! who doth understand? From hidden ones declare me innocent, Also — from presumptuous ones keep back Thy servant, Let them not rule over me, Then am I perfect, And declared innocent of much transgression, Let the sayings of my mouth, And the meditation of my heart, Be for a pleasing thing before Thee, O Jehovah, my rock, and my redeemer!”
(Psalms 19:12-14 – YLT)

V – “Think of an event in your life in which you were traumatized. When you think of this event, is there a feeling that is brought to the surface? If there is an emotional aspect, then this points to the fact that you still have an energetic charge in this experience that has not been cleared. When we have suppressed feelings, it means that in our minds and bodies we have “unfinished business”. There are four phases involved in resolving unfinished business.
Recalling the memory,
releasing the memory,
integrating a new thought pattern
and resolution.”
– Jeannie A Smith, NCTMB