Metron Swilley July 2nd GOING NEXT LEVEL



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METRON 7-2-17 GOING NEXT LEVEL: Healing Your Mind, Healing Your Heart, Healing Your Life! , Part I

Today’s Notes:

I – “He who is slothful in his work Is a brother to him who is a great destroyer.” (Proverbs 18:9 – NKJV)

II – “He who is loose and slack in his work is brother to him who is a destroyer and he who does not use his endeavors to heal himself is brother to him who commits suicide.” (Proverbs 18:9 – AMP)

III – “Getting to the next level always requires ending something, leaving it behind, and moving on. Growth demands that we move on. Without the ability to end things, people stay stuck, never becoming who they are meant to be, never accomplishing all that their talents and abilities should afford them.” – Henry Cloud

IV – “Every moment of this experience we call a physical life is determined by the choices you make in your thoughts, intentions, and actions. Thus, when you choose to experience a thought, image, or activity from a place of loving, joyful, and compassionate intentions for yourself and others, you have the power to weave a lovely fabric that heals your mind, body, and soul. When you choose differently, the fabric you weave may contribute to an experience of suffering and pain in the form of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual anguish. The choice is always yours.”
― Susan Barbara Apollon

V – “All minds are joined. Therefore, all healing is self-healing. Our inner peace will, of itself, pass to others once we accept it for ourselves.” – Gerald Jampolsky

VI – “Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
― Louise L. Hay

VII – “But he said to her, ‘Daughter, it is your faith that has healed you. Go home in peace, and be free from your trouble.’”
(Mark 5:34 – PHILLIPS)